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Jan 17, 2014 2:00pm PST
exists as an element in the cultural life of every society. (levin) the environment can influence music in both conscious and unconscious ways. for instance in the west, the argument has been made that a lot of the dissonant music that arose at the beginning of the century was a result or a reaction to the noisiness of industrialization, and the dissonance of modern civilization-- that it was a reflection of social dissonance, in a way, in sound. [dissonant orchestra music] (slobin) if we use the word ronment to relate to music, we're talking about two things: a physical environment and a social environment. in the case of highlander people in bosnia singing together, the two are pretty much inseparable. (narrator) in a mountainous region of bosnia herzegovina close to sarajevo, a sheep herding community has developed a unique singing style known as ganga. this genre, which is primarily sung outdoors in groups, closely reflects the conditions and life style of the highlander commity. in bosnian highlander culture, specifically in mt. bjelasnica, people will spend a lot of time outdoors
Jan 17, 2014 2:30pm PST
of earth's physical environments and the history of life. narrator: geologist paul hoffman studies the time in our planet's history when the climate was much more extreme, a period called the snowball earth. hoffman: during the maximum cold of the snowball earth, you have an earth that's more like mars than it is like earth. narrator: hoffman is seeking answers to how the earth entered this snowball and, more important for us, how it returned to warmer conditions and has maintained a stable and moderate climate. both of these scientists look to the deep past for clues to the present, enriching our understanding of the one place we know in the universe where life flourishes -- e eah's inedlerr of difntnima as, earth, the hitable planet. including humans, is relatively new to this planet. fossils contained in the earth's vast rock record show that the first animals emerged around 600 million yea ago -- a mere 15% of earth's 4.5-billion-year history. it's likely that simple, single-celled organisms ruled alone for approximately 3 billion years. the same rocks that document this evolution of li
Jan 15, 2014 1:30am PST
. the only other item i have is a boarder communication from the department of the environment related to my request that we known a joint he meeting. it appears the date is a february 25th of this month. i want to touch briefly especially in light of the presentation we received today. a number of our friends and colleagues in the public have xhivenl stated to us in many respects correctly one of the reasons they come to the puc it's where the money is at. whether we're programming or issuing grants and all that is good stuff and he support it more than a lot of people but they come here because we have a different relationship in terms of our fiscal capacity that the rec and park department or the recreation department in light of what we've been hearing but our own fiscal cliff. one the republicans reasons to continue this dialog so that the prospective go that the puc has this vast weight isn't continuing to be the reality. we need to make sure that the message is we have a lot of very, very difficult decisions in front of of us. and we need to make sure our stakeholders and the constitu
Jan 18, 2014 2:30pm PST
a wrong the river -- along the river. case, he find the rings up the ministry of environment. sometimes the water quality improves as a result but it often takes a few months before the pollution were -- returns. son studies arts. he finds his father's dedication inspiring and is painting a portrait. in the past 10 years or more of working to save the river, my father has experienced a box of injustice and abuse. he has been beaten up and hurt but right from the start, he fought vigorously for what is good. awareness of water pollution is growing in china. so far, he and his son had visited 400 villages along the river system and documented the results of the accumulating pollution. today, they want to install a water purification system. they leave the water tank with the villagers. a chinese man living in japan saw a report about him and recommended a water purifier. because the technology works, they are doing it in village after village. in recent years, we have installed a 28 water pure vacation plans which provides about 10,000 people with clean water. the rates of cancer has fall
Jan 17, 2014 11:00pm PST
for this challenging high density wifi environment along market street is really another level of achievement for us. our technology is specialized in dealing with high capacity broad coverage, challenging environment , public environment that includes buildings as well as lots of interference. we have technology to deliver that and confident that we can provide a great service to san francisco. at hulk -- ruckus we are excited about the opportunity to bring the millions of residents and businesses as well as visitors wifi access as well as new online services to the great city of san francisco. thank you. [ applause ] >> well, before we ask the mayor to officially activate symbolically with his big switch. be careful, mayor. i want to acknowledge the op
Jan 17, 2014 9:30pm PST
. also, this golf course was built in 1917, well before we had laws to protect the environment and the species. if this golf course were proposed today, it is highly unlikely that it would be built because wet lands are so valuable to our environment and to the species and for our communities and place for people to visit the wild life that is so rich in the bay area. i encourage you to not approve this negative declaration. thank you so much. >> hi. my name is laura burton, a san francisco resident and i'm here in support of wild life appeals and ask for a full environmental review of this sharp project. i have been involved with the effort to protect the frogs and the snakes for years now and it's difficult to see what's happening with these species as you drain the water that exposes the frog egg masses which continues to cause significant impacts to the species to this day. yet the environmental effects are not considered in the ceqa document. it seems the issues of not been addressed not even close. the direct course of action is to implement a full environmental review i
Jan 21, 2014 3:00am PST
and observations can be made at the department of environment 0 so our colleagues can put together a thought of agenda and there's a lot of places where we can engage those robust discussion that aren't necessarily in this room >> commissioner vietor. >> as former president of the commission on the environment and i do think in light of what we're learned today especially the fact there moibtd some necessary cuts and some problematic shifts in the department that we welcome agenda that's focused and if it's appropriate common wise to be able to say these are so many of the issues we're facing and have a reality checkoff what's coming down the pike. i really encourage having a focused agenda on that so they can be prepared for what motive be coming. and on the other issue on the arts commission i welcome a joint meeting with the arts commission. it feels like i don't know about a rec and park department joint commission by all those things that come up. i don't know about efficiency and all that but seems like seemed like a fiscal impact or vice versa we should be scheduling that that way i
Jan 22, 2014 8:00am PST
of children and seeing the proper nutrition as a part of the environment and whereas the legislation proposed by scott weiner and supervisor eric mar will institute a tax on the beverages in san francisco and whereas the weiner mar proposal differ in significant ways and would adopt a two penny per ounce tax and under those proposals the tax revenues will be spent on the activities that increase the options for physical activitis for children in san francisco. therefore, be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district believes that if sugary beverage tax will decrease the consumption of the beverage and bring about a corresponding increase in the over all health of children in our jurisdiction and resolved that the board of education, of the san francisco unified school district, supports the concept of a sugary befrage tax and the idea that the revenues should be used to support the child nutrition and programs and be it further resolved that the board of education from the san francisco unified school district urges the board of supervisors to place a
Jan 15, 2014 6:00pm PST
the commission for energy regulation of the department of the environments are to be questioned by the goal of accounts committee in the next half hour the opposition coalition force today. their targets yet again the irish for sure in particular bonus payments at the agency and mr hope and comments that he does not micro manage the semi state company. so when administered to go. you're welcome to marry the far post. it is daunting issues. i know not know that going for a generation keep the ppp nasty should have asked the opposition were also critical of the bonus payments at the agency at the sheraton some mysterious their coats. it's just disgusting. its about it. it must be removed and at the top voiced by stephen that i don't think it's appropriate. the houses in the pictures which is dustin's house captains and make my views known. mr hogan said the bonus payments was an issue for irish welsh and the department of expenditure in the form and lead to a ship that he does not micro manage the more he said. in any other minister to make the moment though breaking eggs. and we have here an
Jan 17, 2014 11:30am PST
department of the environment look to and are we maximizing our use of grants. >> what are the various financing options that are available and you know i would like to hear you know if there are different proposals and different approaches to that. >> uh-huh. >> and then another question is you know to the extent that this work goes smoothly and we get the kind of work product that is needed to we want to see, are there still internal challenges that will prevent us from moving forward with something? because, you know, we are here even though we have a program that's been proved by the board of supervisor's and so how do we make sure that we don't go down the path of doing additional work only to find ourselves in the same predicament. >> i think that's a good question and i don't think there's assurance that i could give you today either -- perhaps you know more better communication and better plan i don't know maybe that helps the dialogue and helps remove some of the opposition. >> and i'll turn it over to commissioner breed. >> another component to the extent we can engage our l
Al Jazeera America
Jan 14, 2014 7:00pm EST
, it was six times higher than the average michigan city. try to compete in that environment. that needs to steadily improve. the trade pictures are improving. the dollar will continue to weaken. ironically that's positive for trade and from detroit to canada. that is the seed of catalyst where jobs and growth will continue. >> we see artists and creators come, will it look like an austin or a more industrial city. >> austin may be stretching it. columbus, ohio, grand rapids, michigan, chicago, entrepreneurial risk tasks because the areas are depressed, the price is right to be a buyer, and that's one of the solutions along with a competitive business environment that will be the seeds of detroit recovering after 40 years of secular decline. >> detroiters, it's harder to take the hope out of a detroiter than most people. you people are hearty. >> after watching the auto industry i've never seen wall street di disenamorred than they are. the stock up 55%. for this stage of the business cycle, i have not seen that in 25 years. >> that's optimistic. that's the theme of what's been going on.
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 3:30am EST
, and a competitive business environment that will be the seeds to detroit recovering after 40 years of secular decline. >> it's harder to take the hope of a detiter than most people. you people are hardy. >> in 25 years of watching the auto industry i have never seen wall street this enam oured with the industry as they are today. the average auto stock up 5%. for this stage. business cycle i have not seen it in 25 years. >> it's almost a theme of what is going on. >> david sow by. many of the innovations at the detroit auto show are years in the making. i'll talk to toyota north america about the cars of the future. he'll tell us what he thinks people will want to drive four or five years down the road. high-end tech for the middle end class buyer. what you wear and drive are in sync at last. i'll demonstrate that when "real money" continues from the detroit auto show. keep it right here. [ ♪ music ] >> 2013 was a good year for the automotive industry. we spoke to james lent about industry sales expectations for 2014, as well as the future of toyota vehicles which he says combine great mil
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 7:30pm EST
the discretion of a child isaiah? >> absolutely. it's an insular environment to learn exactly what your parents are saying. academic environment provides a holistic and comprehensive channel for you to discuss issues in an academic sense and that is something that a lot of parents aren't able to do and kind of advertise till things into themes and plots and i think an academic setting allows that. >> jill. >> if i may go back to the original question as to why we're seeing an increase in these challenges. we have surveys that indicate and show us some really valuable information. i think we need to pay attention to and that is since 2010 we've seen an increase in these challenges, because we have an increase across the nation in the number of students, in the high schools, that are enrolling in ap english crass. and in -- classes and in those classes there is typically more mature content being used to teach advanced english material. you have an increased number, and the parents who are challenging mature content because they don't believe that it is age-appropriate for the high schools. and i
Jan 16, 2014 11:00pm EST
is how do we go after those goals and i think the new environment we exist in offers that opportunity. i believe that the new opportunity campaign should focus on yes, the opportunities created by our new network real tiss rather than refighting the struggles of the past. yes, i think it is outrageous that there is no minority ownership of television stations in america. but the interesting thing is that that reality now exists in an environment where facilities ownership is less critical to .iverse voices than ever before just ask reed hastings, the c.e.o. of netflix if he needed to own distribution before he could produce "house of cards" or orange is the new black or any of the other presentations video services that he's developed. deals ulu who brokered with 11 different spanish language content partners. or ask michelle fawn who in 2012 launched her own multichannel u tube network focusing on fashion nd beauty and has over 5 1/2 million subscribesers today. or ask bob johnson whether he needed to own facilities to launch b.e.t. i was there when that happened. you could even ask so
Jan 18, 2014 5:30pm PST
sources of pollution. when they find a case colorings of the ministry of environment and aging. most art is in the reactor pressure from the top. sometimes the water quality improves as a result but it often takes only a few months before pollution read to stand in and who is young son when she was daddy's arms and hands on with the taunting the signs his father's dedication inspiring and is painting a portrait. it is. mm mm. it is the last ten years or more working to save the way trip my father has experienced a lot to gain justice contempt and abuse. he's been beaten up. right from the stock is called vigorously. what's cooler. he still sits next to him that awareness of the changes of water pollution is growing in china he said. and today. but as she is. the popcorn and some have visited four hundred villages along the holy river system and documented the results of the accumulating permission today they want to install a water purification plant in the village of tonk one's own will. they built the ball to ten weeks of images. yes ago chinese man living in japan saw report about who
Jan 14, 2014 4:30pm PST
and environment and climate, above the profits of oil companies . thank you.. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is john brone. i was here last year. these are short comments to you to my family to you supervisor to give you an occasion -- indication, i will make my covenant between you and me. then abraham fell on his face. you shall be the attitude of multitude of nations. i made you ancestor of the multitude of the nation. i will make nation of you. and i will establish my covenants to be god to you and to your offspring after you. and i will give you and to your offspring after you the land where you are an alien. all the land of can an for perpetual holding. when i first arrived to the united states i was married to a kenyan woman who still lives in condition -- kenya and spent a period of time here in a sense remarried and joined in a community property relationship for the moment here in california. president vid chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> mr. president, board of supervisors, thank you for letting me speak. i'm here to speak on item 20, fracking
Jan 20, 2014 12:30pm PST
enterprises in san francisco and nurtures a business environment that supports strong economic growth as you will hear from mayor lee. it also established new benchmark for what is possible today for commercial development and you will happy hear from our company leader. john kilroy. i think you will understand that we are a huge believer of san francisco. we have demonstrated that faith in local management, resources and development. it has taken a big teamworking together very closely to bring us to today's ground breaking. that is a lot of people and we are glad to see to many people with us today. it's my pleasure to introduce one of the city's biggest visionaries and supporters. the mayor learned from the very beginning what a very exciting opportunity this has been and he's supported us every way through this development. i know my daughter will understand 1 day how special it is to have him here. please welcome honorable mayor lee. >> mike, thanks very much. congratulations to you and certainly to john and what a wonderful design concept you have here for sure. i'm really excited to s
Jan 20, 2014 4:30pm PST
the sentiments and values of what we want to see which is marrying an environment with labor and job development. that's the green color community that are being promised to folks. we how need to start laborer into the future but it has to build coalitions can only be the folks who care about 1r50i6789 but has to be the people caring families. when he think about the together and we include folks when we include those folks that are under employed when we include those folks to see the best possibility we come up with the best legislation for all. those folks have had that and i think those people see the good assignment is good for everything. amen, amen. when we do that it's good (laughter) >> once again, i want to thank the department and director luminal and supervisor farrell for the wonderful piece of legislation that's bone put forth. thank you. (clapping.) >> thanks ann going low. at this point i want to bring up jeanine from luminal contractor >> (clapping) >> thank you very much. what a great can i this is a great resolution. this is a triple win for san francisco energy solar an
Jan 21, 2014 5:00am PST
courses we have in san francisco. based on my concerns about the environment, about justice and about this particular golf course there is no question in my mind that the future of one of the most important areas that san francisco manages in terms of biological conservation is threatened by the proposed project. it is being threatened by this propose project without any consideration of alternatives and the negative declaration and ignoring the comments as to why this project is misguided. just to give you a little bit of information as to why this piece of property is so important, i want to give you a few minutes about what this place is like for those of you who haven't been there and describe the sources that are found there. the frogs species sometimes known as twain's frog because mark twain wrote a story about it and there is san francisco garter snake. under the circumstances a species that truly breaks my heart. it's the most beautiful serpent in all of america. it is our namesake and probably the next species on the san francisco peninsula to go extinct unless we do somethi
Jan 18, 2014 9:00am EST
environment than we were, it is a function of technology. the power of explosives going on and access to weapons. and and fascinated by psychology. and in and out human behavior. you see things like the school shooting, no question in my mind the growth in this tragic phenomenon. it is in a 24-hour news cycle, osama bin laden in pakistan, a gentleman who lived there in pakistani who pleaded there were helicopters overhead before they even landed. in a 24-hour culture right now saturated with information worldwide any tragic event has the capacity to set off proliferation cascade of new tragic events. pandora we hypersensitive? yes. but the environment is different and to add to that, i right in the book the environment for terrorism and counterterrorism has become very dangerous and i used the business model, the traditional model of terror was a franchise model. it was a sell. al qaeda inc. like mcdonald's but that is an al qaeda franchisee, what do you do? you by the burger, the material, take your orders from mcdonald's central but you technically operate your own store but you are
Jan 18, 2014 6:07pm EST
after those goals and i think the new environment we exist in offers that opportunity. i believe that the new opportunity campaign should focus on yes, the opportunities created by our new network realities rather than refighting the struggles of the past. yes, i think it is outrageous that there is no minority ownership of television stations in america. but the interesting thing is that that reality now exists in an environment where facilities ownership is less critical to diverse voices than ever before. just ask reed hastings, the c.e.o. of netflix if he needed to own distribution before he could produce "house of cards" or "orange is the new black" or any of the other presentations video services that he's developed. or ask hulu who brokered deals with 11 different spanish language content partners. or ask michelle fawn who in 2012 launched her own multichannel u -- youtube network focusing on fashion and beauty and has over 5 1/2 million subscribers today. or ask bob johnson whether he needed to own facilities to launch b.e.t. i remember. i was there when that happened. yo
Jan 19, 2014 11:00pm PST
iraq and iran which created a awful environment for this tragedy ended only two weeks later. the environment was not immune to the heavy hand of disaster. fire destroyed 4 million acres of land in the western united states. 2.2millionacres in yellow stone national park alone. in the end zone, the park superintendent was optimistic saying all is not lost the park will come back. >> actually went there once. >> here in the bay area a leak at the shell oil refinery in martinez at first glance appeared to be relatively small. but as the crude oil moved inland toward chicago, the enormity of the spill was finally realized. 444-gallons of crude oil would spill. at this point you might ask yourself, did anything good happen in 1988? the answer is yes. two california gray whales were trapped in the ice. with a third whale already missing and presumed growned, eskimos, marine mammal experts and concerned residents started to save the whales. they cut holes in the ice so the whales could breathe. the rescuers marched to the sea cutting holes as they went. the whales following beneath
Jan 17, 2014 10:00pm EST
. >> on the issue of the environment, many people when they go to olympics and come back, i talked about pollution. your government clearly recognizes it is an issue. how would you deal with it? >> it is a big issue. everyone is complaining about it. we are also told that many have gone through this development in their own. we are trying to avoid the mistakes other countries have made. this is not easy. we are facing this challenge in a direct way. we are determined to improve the environment significantly so that people will have a better environment and economy will be on a more sustainable basis. we can no longer rely on economic growth with the resources. we have low energy efficiency. it would damage our environment here. >> and with rivers with respect to life inside, death. >> we are treating many of them. we are seeing growth in some of them. you look at the river there. it is much cleaner than a decade ago. >> what does xi jinping bring in terms of the vision for china? >> continuity. >> with the government of hu jintao? >> reform in china did not start today. and started 35 years ago. r
Jan 16, 2014 6:30pm PST
. on the phone this morning, jolie told me this holiday promotional environment was extreme but it didn't create industry demand. he also said he didn't think anyone expected mobile sales to fall, but it happened. >> finding products here a little more pricier than others. i'll go home and look for it on amazon or e-bay. >> i look online, go to the store, then i come back and purchase it online if i can't get a bargain in the store. >> electronics category in general has been tough. target had said that, too. even though amazon probably did take a little bit of share, i'm not so sure yet that they'll come out and say they had gangbuster electronics sales. >> reporter: but electronics are the pillar of their product offering. one analyst saying today's report is a stark reminder of an availabilities in the company's business model. david strausser thinks it's just a mark of a tough environment. and suggests buying on the dip. gaining share is good but marking prices lower and lower compresses margins, cuts into profit, and frustrates investors. for "nightly business report" i'm courtney reagan. >
Jan 15, 2014 8:30am PST
environments for the students and families. and i am a member of the food and fitness advisory committee and we are working on revising the wellness policy and we look forward to your continued support if we address the issues related to the sugarry beverages in the healthy school environments and the workplace environments and for the past 12 years i have coordinated the nutrition project and we have reached over 40 schools all around the school district with nutrition and education for students. and for family and for staff. and this year, we lost 70 percent of our funding. and going from last year, of 30 schools to this year, just a small handful of schools and with this resolution, the board with its support, and it just has the potential of providing funding for the comprehensive fed, including the physical education programs and for the nutrition, and for the child nutrition programs, and so thank you. >> good evening and, thank you to everyone. i am very excited that we are here to support the tax for sugar sweetened beverages and i would like to always row model when i am in my classes
Jan 16, 2014 11:00pm PST
, the sculpture is we hope that it will give the public a way of exploring the between the sensory environment and the internal world. and soma offers and we believe that it captures all that the san francisco has to offer, science, technology, and art. and we have successfully installed pieces worldwide and including europe, and chicago, and california, nevada, and in the bay area. it has been installed in los angeles, las vegas and here you can see two examples and the larger picture is in los angeles. the smaller picture is in san mateo. >> and this is our representation of how we feel it will look on the water front, a beautiful background to the bay bridge and we want to talk about the sculpture, it is 35 feet long made of stainless steel and we are going to have ultimate of the ground anchoring is designed by an, engineer and we have led effects and representing the two that go through the two neurons that we demonstrate and we are going to show you the collaboration and to create six informal displays, describing in the brain and the role that the neurons play in sensing the world aroun
Jan 17, 2014 12:00am PST
friendly growth. >> rose: on the issue of the environment, many people, as you know, when they come back from -- some when they went to the olympics and when they come back talk about pollution and your government recognizes it's an issue. >> it's an issue, yeah. >> rose: how do you deal with it. >> it's a big issue. everybody is complaining about air quality. and we are also told that many countries have gone through this period of development in their past. >> rose: in their own industrial development. >> that's right. yi. yes. we are try very hard to avoid the mistake other countries have made in the past but this is not easy. but we are now facing this challenge in a very direct way. we are determined that we'll have to improve the environment significantly so that people will have a better environment and the economy will be on a more sustainable basis. we can no longer rely on economic growth where we use a lot of resources with very low energy efficiency and damaging the environment. >> rose: and your rivers are said to be in some cases with respect to life inside close to dead. >
Jan 16, 2014 4:00pm PST
with the environment that you're raised in. however, i have a huge concern about the fact that when you see things in the news, in the media, you read about the fact that people do this, what happens is somewhere in the back of your subconscious in some sicko's head gets filed the idea of one option when i'm really angry is to grab a gun. >> go ahead, doctor, you're the expert. >> it's not -- it's not either/or, it's both. you're absolutely right. if you have a parent in the home as a child or caretaker who loves you and cares about you and shows you what's right, you're less likely to do these things. on the other hand, as we've just heard, if you're watching the big screen, the small screen, you're playing games where people are being shot over and over again and that's okay, you get points for it, what are you learning? and dare i say this, no matter whether you're a democrat or republican or independent. >> say it. >> if you watch tv and you watch our leaders of our country treat each other like bullies, what kind of message is that to the kids of our country? >> but also -- i think he has a p
Jan 16, 2014 3:00pm PST
is in part what their genetic nature is, but it's also a part of what kind of an environment and life they live-- the nurture they have. so you can be genetically susceptible, but never exposed. but i think there's a public perception that the environment-- i mean smog, pesticides, water pollution, hair spray, you name it-- that these things are important causes of disease, and the reality is, they're not. there are a few biggies. there's cigarette smoke; there's asbestos... which is pretty much a problem of the past. and then, it's a pretty short list. the rest of the causes of disease are-- if they're not infectious-- are inside us. but often, the conditions in which one lives play a critical role in the ability to maintain good health, clearly, in most communities a level of development which has benefited many people, but left others behind. so one sees large slum areas of marginalized people, with people living under very poor conditions around the big cities. i saw it in china when i went there with my family in 1982. the farther away from beijing we went, the more "third world"
Jan 21, 2014 8:00pm EST
the world because the olympic becomes such a target-rich environment for terrorist groups, including those have designed notches globally but designs not just globally but perhaps locally and regionally. the terrorist groups led by the caucuses emirates but not solely asianeir affiliates and affiliates have the clear intent to try to disrupt the sochi olympics or at least to try to embarrass the russians, in particular vladimir putin. the intent has been declared. past summer has been very clear about the desire to have major attacks on the olympics or at least major disruptions. significantly, in july, he lifted the punitive ban on the attack on civilians, which in many ways opens up the target set on terrorist groups and civilian sites. and they clearly have a desire to engage in these attacks. as seen through their video postings, blogs and communications. the intent is clear and it would have been obvious even absent there opened up a ration. but the open declaration has made it very clear for authorities. the we have seen that in three sinces in volgograd september. we h
Jan 21, 2014 6:00pm PST
environment so can still get dylan environment committee that his department spent almost sixty million euros last year in relation to the changeover of responsibility for abortion services from depression for nuclear power seems to have schwarzer. the company's budget hundred and eighteen million euro minutes to chat seven million euro had been spent on wexford just serving rat want to research should be the case that the most million on transition offices in the case. he understands the recovery is strengthening and is expected to land economy grew at a faster rate this year than it did last year it raised its global growth forecast to three point seven percent this year compared with three percent last year. growth has seen strong in the us but not in the eurozone and the imf warned of the risk of deflation in your the sandwich bar chain subway as county a major expansion of its business in highland and says it will add more than eighteen hundred new jobs over the next six years. this year comes to open fourteen new stores this major expansion in irish franchise business is expected to be
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 630 (some duplicates have been removed)